Church Lobbies State: Signature Gatherers are Annoying


So, I’m just going to have at it here. Read the following statements from this article:

“…the decisions to allow groups or individuals to gather signatures on church property were left primarily to individual pastors. Some pastors allowed the activity to take place while others did not feel it was an appropriate setting.”

Okay, I agree with that, so let’s skip ahead to their conclusion.

“We hereby direct that what has commonly been referred to as “signature drives” to enact or repeal a law or amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts not take place on church property.”

Wait, what?

This is private property, they don’t need a law specifically prohibiting signature gathering on church property. Just issue a statement to your parishes not to allow it, end of story. Churches already have the legal right to call the police on someone for repeatedly harassing their membership. If you’ve asked someone to stop gathering signatures, then they have to stop. There is absolutely no reason to ask the legislature to make it illegal. It’s also probably unconstitutional for the state to regulate activities that specifically happen at church, or to limit freedom of speech. People don’t have any explicit right to solicit signatures in private establishments, unless they’re a common area of a mall or strip-mall. Crazy.

Church is also one of the only social institutions we have left where people should be talking about the fate of the world, and how to impact it.

My 2 cents for today.


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