Review of Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story

On Tuesday May 1st I traveled to the Sanders Theater at Harvard to attend a live dissertation on the nature, application, and implications of circumcision. The speaker, Eric Clopper, reviewed the factual evidence surrounding the issue starting with the origins of circumcision as a hazing practice, or investment of sacrifice in order to gain acceptance, used to induce negative group cohesion in various cultures beginning several thousand years ago. The talk then shifted to the anatomical facts about the human male foreskin, including the nearly 80% of penile nerve endings in the foreskin, and that the foreskin composes 30-50% of the penis shaft’s surface area, when not removed, among other 16 other functions. While crime, violence, and rape are acceptable topics of a news story, intellectual discussions about sex-positivity, love, and the natural human body are taboo topics. Only very recently did it even become acceptable or “mainstream” to discuss a mother’s rights to nurse in public, with substantial social push-back. It will undoubtedly fall into history that circumcision is a human rights violation, and that all circumcision will be banned as female circumcision already has been for decades. The entire speech can be summarized in one quote “Any other position than wanting your entire penis, is LUDICROUS!”

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