Shadow of a Government

Shadow Government

Today, I’m going to just talk a little bit about the idea of a shadow government, and why the traditional version of a “shadow government” is no longer viable as a power broker, but how we actually do live in a world run by a shadow government of a completely different nature. Traditionally speaking, a “shadow government” is an organized entity which controls the people’s government by “working in the shadows” secretly influencing the actions that society takes. The reason I think this is no longer viable is that it would take an enormous amount of organization which is virtually impossible to create without information leakage given the size of society today and the ease with which one person can leak information instantly from nearly anywhere to millions of people. People would defect from this secret organization and word would get out through the unabridged power of the internet. It’s just not a reasonable idea, though that’s not to say it didn’t work that way a few centuries ago.

Instead today we have a different kind of shadow government. In an ironic twist of reality, we now have a government that works in the shadow of the corporate colossus. The corporations have become so large that they now control the people’s government almost directly, and instead of working in the shadows, their work is done openly through the campaign finance system. The interference is traceable and verifiable. They are a nearly immutable fact of life, virtually unchangeable, and so in many ways irrelevant. The corporate colossus is so large that it composes a larger share of the economy than the government and private citizens, and has a far outsize input on the ruleset that society does and will play under into the future.

But the corporate oligarchy that now cripples our government is not invulnerable. As power becomes more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people, we approach an era where one or two genuine defectors from that power group could topple their entire enterprise and restore power to the collective. This could happen in one of three ways.

The first route is the unlikely possibility of a sudden dramatic shift in the genuine beliefs held by a sector of those who presently hold power. This, is improbable at best, and impossible empirically and in the limited time span between now and the socio-technological singularity that will occur within the century.

The second route is that the people take control of the people’s government back, and use this power to ensure that corporations no longer interfere with the politico-economic system that they are supposed to be beholden to, and not the other way around. However, this is impossible because in our present predicament, the corporations control the people’s options, and the people’s options control the government. The changes people make to the government invariably remain in the interests of the corporations as evidenced by the past several decades of trickle-down Reaganism, neoliberal Clintonism, and so on. This will not change in this route.

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The third route is that the people take control of the colossus itself. We must take back the economic system controlled by the elites. How? Take back the money, take back the power. Undoubtedly, the only way to free the political system from the control of the elites is to take away their power through violent means. Now, I don’t mean physical torture, but the act of forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do, i.e. surrender their wealth for the well being of society, is inherently a violent, but necessary, act. The French Revolution, the Irish Revolution, and countless other violent revolutions were the result of the people rising up and taking back their rightful access to power from those that had sequestered far too much in the hands of far too few.

Today, that power is more concentrated than it has ever been before in the history of the world. The logical conclusion is that violent revolution is upon us. Under ordinary circumstances, such a revolution would occur in a few more decades after most of the living generations had spent too much of their lives oppressed to tolerate any more with no hope remaining that things would change on their own. But we are at multiple major tipping points in society, between global warming set to destroy the world for future generations and our leaders making the wrong decisions, a technological singularity set to concentrate power even more if these issues are not resolved ahead of time, and the existence of world threatening nuclear capabilities, it is more important than ever that these issues be brought to resolution as immediately as possible.
Violent revolution is not only necessary, but it is coming one day soon, and possibly world wide. If you don’t believe me, take a google of cliodynamics and read about how all the data from the world points in this direction. The goal now is not to prevent this revolution, it is coming and there’s virtually nothing the rich can do unless then elect to willingly give up and redistribute their wealth. The goal, or at least my goal, is to direct the conversation about what that revolution looks like, and to see if there’s any hope of a civil reconstruction, free of bloodshed.

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