Why I Am Running

I am running because I want to see more progressive candidates from my generation making their voices heard. I want to see a champion for Single-Payer Health-care, I want to see an Expanded and Improved Mass Health for All. And the current occupant of the 7th Bristol District is not going to be the one to push for that kind of reform. The solution? If there’s nobody running that supports your positions, you have to run. I’m simply performing my civic duty to the fullest. So, I got together a team that I built up during my city council campaign, and we’re going to be taking this run very seriously. I’m putting $10-20K of my personal money into the race, and we’re hitting the ground running with multiple startup fundraisers already planned for the next few weeks, and more to come shortly.

As for my positions on the issues, there are quite a few ways in which I differentiate myself from Alan.
I am a strong advocate for a higher minimum wage, and I support the $15 minimum wage as a baseline.
I also take that a few steps further, in addressing the reasons why the market-made minimum wage is so low. We need to fundamentally change our economy and create jobs programs for the average person.
We need to create a Job Guarantee program, where we will guarantee every person that wants to work a job that they can perform. Additionally I support fundamental changes to the education system.
We need a 21st century education program that promotes continuous learning side-by-side with a job. Ensuring that when industry changes with technology that workers will not be put out on the streets, but instead will already have the skills needed to transition.
With these changes, we can ensure that the market will produce an effective minimum wage that is higher than the legal minimum.

We must also:
Overhaul the criminal “injustice” system to reform and empower.
Create tax reform that works for the working class.
Say NO to Wall St. by establishing a public banking system.
Preserve the rights of all underprivileged social groups, including transgender and LGBTQ+ which my opponent opposes.
Nurture innovation and creative entrepreneurship by makers.
Produce and maintain environmental reparation and conservation.
Expand the definition of marriage as a unit of positive cooperation.
Ensure or expand access to nutrition, housing and communication as universal public infrastructure.
Pave-the-way with a future-proof infrastructure agenda, and interconnect ALL of MA with a rail system and prepare for next-generation transportation.

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